Fondant covered tiered cakes start at $7.00 a serving with a 50 serving minimum. See our list...

I make my fondant from scratch and it tastes more like marzipan because I can flavor it any way I want. Is it sweet? Fondant is a sugarpaste used to cover cakes, giving them a flawless, alabaster finish.

Professional cake artists prefer decorating a fondant covered cake because it's a blank canvas for many decorating techniques. In addition, fondant seals in freshness, keeping the cake moist and able to stand more temperature extremes than any other covering.

  • Vanilla
  • Any fruit or nut, using all natural essential oils or extracts for flavoring.
  • White Chocolate using 30% cocoa butter.
  • Milk or Dark Chocolate. (This taste like a yummy Tootsie Roll.)

Favorites are Vanilla, Almond, Lemon, Raspberry, Cherry, Mint and any of the Chocolates. Because I make a fresh batch for each order I am able to custom combine flavors such as White chocolate/Raspberry or Dark Chocolate/Almond! I will combine any flavor of fruit, nut, chocolate or all three at no extra cost.


Fondant can be painted on and it can be rolled paper thin to create a ruffle effect, as shown above. It is the best choice for outdoor events and the only choice for sculpted cakes Gena and I make. You will be able to taste my fondant at your scheduled cake tasting.