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What a absolute delight it was working with Mara and Gena of Center Ring Cakes for the cake for my marriage. My partner and I decide to have a simple wedding ceremony and all the details of course were left up to me. After checking around and finding most of the vendors not really keen on the idea of creating a cake for "our type" as they say. We were able to find a few that were wonderful towards us. What swayed us to use Center Ring Cakes was Gena and Mara, their attitude toward us as people and not "those type". I was so amazed at how understanding they were and their willingness to not only supply us with what turned out to be the most fabulous wedding cake in the history of wedding cakes but to treat us as Equals in their base of cliental. At no time did my partner and I feel like we were any different than the "normal" couples. I wish I could describe the cake and do it justice but I don't feel simple words are up to the beauty, artistry and taste of this fab cake. It shouldn't matter who or what your beliefs as a customer and Center Ring Cakes understands and is outstanding in their field. My advise to those who are part of the LGBT community and Everyone Else, if you are looking for a special cake for that special day, look no further then Center Ring Cakes for your needs. Be sure to tell them Sasha sent you. May your special day be fabulous, I know your cake will be.

  • Sasha P.
  • Event: Wedding
  • Date: 11/11/2012

Having our wedding cake made by Center Ring Cakes was the best decision we made for our wedding! The staff was very kind and extremely professional. Our cake artist met with us for over an hour to design the cake, which turned out even better than we could have imagined. Not only was it exactly what we wanted and absolutely beautiful, but - very importantly - it was delicious! The cake was was so moist and tasty that many people actually went back for multiple pieces. We had one very picky adult guest who said "usually wedding cakes either look good or taste good and this one is both". Mara Cristiani was so welcoming and comfortable and listened to all our thoughts and the details of the wedding. Gena is a fantastic artist. She came up with a perfect design for us (with hardly any guidance beyond our vague ideas) and it was executed perfectly. We look forward to using Center Ring Cakes for our 1 year anniversary and my 25th birthday.

  • Tracy R.
  • Date: 11/24/2012

One of the most unbelievable and talented cake decorating business I've ever had to work with!!! Not just for weddings, but also used them for a few family members birthday parties. I Honestly do not have words for how easy and professional they are to work with! Would use them for ANY event!!!

  • Pamela R.
  • Event: Baby Shower
  • Date: 12/04/2012

Gena and Mara of Center Ring Cakes are amazing!! They made a cake for an event for me and it was not only beautifully detailed and decorated, but it was the best tasting cake I have ever had! I would recommend their cakes to anyone for any occasion. Simply delicious!!

  • Devon P.
  • Event: Birthday
  • Date: 12/11/2012

If only one word was allowed as a review for Center Ring Cakes, that word would be STUPENDOUS! My wife decided that it was my job to handle the wedding cake for our little girl's wedding (well I guess not so little anymore.) Whoa, what the heck do I know about wedding cakes, absolutely zero. Well, I start my search and found a few vendors who had some decent choices but to be honest, they just didn't make it personal enough for my daughter. After juggling between a few choices, I came across a few photos of cakes from Center Ring. I showed them to my daughter (wife was no help she said she was handling everything else this was on me.) I placed a call and met with Mara and Gena and was blown away not only with their professionalism but also their heart in wanting to design the perfect cake for my daughter. They quickly put me at ease and everything was perfect for the wedding. Everyone of our guest were amazed by the design, beauty and taste of the cake. I feel a great sign of a perfect wedding cake is to look around at the tables and see how many plates still have some cake left on them after the guest have left and there were no bits of cake left on any plates. Rarely do I bother with reviews on services or products as I feel if you provide a product/service and I pay my money, I expect to get what I paid for, yet when a business rises above the highest level not only with their product but with their service they deserve what I hope is a glowing review. May I again say if I could only use one word for the taste of the cake, I believe my 12 year Son said it best "this cake is Scrumpdillyicious" Mara and Gena, Thank you for your wonderful cake, you made this Father of the Bride extremely happy and pleased and if I may add stress free compared to what my wife with through with everything else.

  • Jeff O.
  • Event: Wedding
  • Date: 12/29/2012

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