Gena  Shvartsman  Cristiani

Gena Shvartsman Cristiani

Co-Owner and Artistic Painter

This World Champion Juggler was born in Russia, the 5th generation circus performer from the famous Russian circus family, the Shvartsmans. Juggling since the age of 6 and by age 13 was a center ring star featured on Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus.

She’s won numerous medals in Europe with the pinnacle was being awarded the Gold medal at the WJF (World Juggling Federation) Championships, televised on ESPN in Las Vegas, NV.


Gena’s other great love has always been art. Constantly sketching during her worldwide travels, she’s developed a distinct and beautiful insight into the glamorous world of Circus and Stage. Gena’s paintings have been commissioned by numerous clients and many stars of the circus industry. Her paintings are on display at Wall Art Gallery on St, Armand’s Circle in Sarasota, FL.

Gena’s artistic talent is evident in every cake project taken at Center Ring Cakes. She’s mastered several cake sculpting, sugar & fondant painting techniques.

She is one of the main reasons why CENTER RING CAKES makes: “THE GREATEST CAKES ON EARTH’