Choosing The Perfect Baker

Center Ring Cakes is privileged to have many brides visit our site looking for wedding cakes. So, we offer some helpful information on choosing the perfect baker & how to shop for a wedding cake...

As a service to you we have provided this page, so that your wedding day will be a joy and not a burden. Please let us know if we can help you in any way.


1. Reserve your wedding date early with your Baker:

Its very important to reserve your wedding date with the cake baker/decorator you have chosen as early as possible to check your wedding date for availability. Cake designers book up quickly, often many months in advance. So don’t hesitate contacting the one you want very soon in the planning process. Once you have found the baker you want, book a design/tasting consultation with that baker. There may be a fee for consultations but the fee is usually deducted from the final cost of the cake. Since most weddings are held during weekends, the bakeries will be busy most weekends delivering cakes. Call ahead early to plan your consultation. Most consultations will be held by "Appointment Only", so don’t be disappointed if you drop in unannounced and the baker seems to not have time for you.


2. Deposits:

Most bakeries and cake designers will require you to make a substantial deposit at the time of the consultation so that your wedding date will be reserved for you. If a deposit has not been given to the cake designer then do not assume that your date is being held for you. The general rule is "First Come, First Serve".


3. Cost:

Time is the most costly factor in any cake design. The more time that is spent in the design of your cake the more expensive it will be. A more simple design will be less costly. Be prepared to pay for the decorator’s time. Be prepared and have an idea of what you would like to have in a cake when you arrive for your consultation. Most professional cake designers will work with you to design a wedding cake that will fit your budget. The typical cost for most wedding cakes starts at $5.00 per serving and go up from there. The cost of the average wedding cake is usually $15.00 per serving. Things like, flower choice, flavor, icing, delivery, and number of servings are all factors that will also affect the final price of your wedding cake and groom's cake.


4. Payments:

After the initial deposit, Most wedding cake designers will allow you to make payments on your wedding cakes during the months leading up to your wedding. Be sure to clarify all the details on this option at the time of your consultation. Be prepared to loose some if not all of your deposit should the wedding be called off for any reason. Remember, your wedding date has been held just for you, so therefore the cake designer has passed on many other opportunities to work on your wedding date. It is customary that the wedding cake costs be paid in full prior to your wedding date. Again, clarify the details.


5. Communication:

Good clear detailed communication is the key to avoiding future problems. Be sure to get copies of contracts, agreements, etc, during your consultation. Take written notes if possible of what the agreements were between you and the cake designer. Be sure to provide valid contact numbers to the cake designer. If you are using a Wedding Coordinator be sure that number is given to the cake designer as well. If you for any reason should have to cancel your wedding date, please notify your cake designer immediately.


6. Person to Cut the Cake:

Be sure in your overall wedding planning process that you have designated someone to cut and serve your wedding cake for you. If you are expecting your wedding cake designer to cut and serve your cake, be prepared to pay extra for their time.


7. Details of Your Wedding Cake:

There are so many options for your wedding cake design. The sky is the limit! Options to consider prior to your consultation: Fresh Flowers, Sugar Flowers, Colors, Cake topper, Ornaments, Delivery, Placement of the cake at the reception. These are all very important factors in your cake design; try to decide on each of these during your consultation time with your cake designer. Do not be afraid to trust and ask your cake designer questions. They have attended probably more weddings than you have, and seen things done right and wrong. Your wedding cake designer can offer you much help in all these areas.


8. Final Thoughts:

Finally, it's your wedding day! Most importantly enjoy it! Try not to let little mistakes that people might make ruin a beautiful day. If you have done your homework, then you have chosen qualified wedding professionals to handle some of the details for you. Each one of them will do their very best to make sure that your wedding day is as wonderful as it can be.

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