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Center Ring Cakes, a Specialty Cakes and Desserts Studio, was created in 2012, to execute a vision of creating delicious, and exciting custom gourmet sweets, using all Natural Preservative-Free Ingredients, while delivering a visually entertaining experience to their customers.

This vision and knack for entertaining had its roots planted over 7 generation ago, through the Cristiani family legacy. Since 1840, the World Acclaimed Cristiani Family have performed, created and produced circus entertainment programs for audiences throughout the world and were Ringling Museum of Art honorees numerous times, plus in 1989, were the first to be honored with a plaque at St Armands Circle ~ Ring Of Fame In Sarasota, FL.

Mara Mari Cristiani, a former classically trained professional ballet dancer and internationally famous trapeze artist is currently the Head Pastry Chef of Laurel Oak Country Club in Sarasota, FL.

Living in this area since 1981, Mara recognized once she decided to hang-up her trapeze tights and ballet shoes, this area was an ideal location for her custom cakes & desserts studio, given its population, weather and the fact that the city's circus rich heritage was intertwined with the Cristiani Family's Circus legacy.

Now, Mara Cristiani along with her daughter-in-law, World Jugging Federation Champion and Artistic Painter, Gena Shvartsman Cristiani, are excited to offer a one-of-a-kind, cake studio called Center Ring Cakes.

Center Ring Cakes is the only cake studio in our market area, that specializes in baking all our cakes and bakery products, completely from scratch, using all natural preservative-free ingredients. Other cake shops may offer some organic products, but we are experts in the chemistry of baking all preservative-free cakes. We also specialize in gluten, dairy and sugar free cakes

In baking cakes, Co-Founder, Mara Cristiani has a basic philosophy that however important it is to sell the artistic & visual aspect of cakes, its how our cakes taste and the impeccable customer service that makes our clients a lifetime customer. “When customers have just one bite, our cakes sell themselves”, say's Mara. The company name, Center Ring Cakes is premised that in the circus, the center ring is always reserved for the Star Act or Featured Attraction and Center Ring Cakes vision is to give cakes a whole new dimension in taste, presentation and service.

The Center Ring Cakes Promise!

Here at Center Ring Cakes we pride ourselves in giving you, the customer, a memorably happy and unequaled experience in taste, quality and customer service. We absolutely HATE, and we mean HATE bad customer service.

So Here's Our Promise:

We at Center Ring Cakes Promises to make sure you are satisfied with the quality, taste and look of your cake and assure that you have the best customer service experience ever. We promise to give the utmost care to detail and attention to getting your order right, not just the first time, but every-time. If we don't get it right, we'll make it right!


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Our Vision

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