About my cakes

Mara's has put together a "Top 5 List" of things you should know about her cakes...

1. All my cakes, cupcakes, cookies, basically anything I make, including fillings, frosting's and fondant, are preservative-free! Why? (see #2 immediately!)

2. I make everything from scratch, and I mean EVERYTHING! My fruit purees start with whole fruits, fresh-squeezed lemon juice and pure cane sugar, that's it. Unless, of course, you want any liquor added! My ganache is made with high-quality chocolate and real dairy-fresh cream, and perhaps more liquor. My butter-creams start with fresh, locally sourced eggs, sugar and real butter, made in small batches for every single cake order. Most people think they don't like fondant because they have only tasted the disgustingly, overly sweet, commercially-made fondants most cake decorators use. Commercial fondant is made in large batches, loaded with chemicals and preservatives and stored in plastic bags and buckets for who-knows how long. My fondant has pure cane sugar, organic shortening and flavored with any natural flavorings you desire. I use real almond extract in my almond fondant and most people think it is marzipan! You can have vanilla, cherry, pistachio, lemon or any other flavor you can think of. I use fruit and nut oils or essence to flavor each custom-made batch.

3. I love, love, love organics! Not just because they are better for you , but because they just plain taste better! If you want your cake entirely organic I will be thrilled. It may cost you a little more but the taste is definitely worth it. Many of the ingredients I use in my conventional cakes are organic simply because I prefer the taste and texture they give. For instance, I use only organic carrots, freshly grated to make my much sought after carrot cake because they have a richer, sweeter flavor. My fondant is made using organic shortening because the texture is superior and I won't compromise on flavor or texture in anything I make, so sometimes it just has to be organic! (refer back to #1).

4. Hopefully, you have already read Gena's bio on the website. If not, I suggest you do so now and I will wait for you to come right back...........Okay, as I was saying, you know from the bio she is one of the greatest female jugglers in the world, gold medalist at the World Juggling Federation shown on Espn, yadda,yadda,yadda. She is responsible for most of the sculpted figurines and intricate artistry on our cakes. What you probably don't know, yet, is Gena also sells custom paintings for people all over the world! She has even sold paintings at a gallery on St. Armand's Circle not far from the Cristiani Plaque in the Circus Ring of Fame. She has custom-designed everything from costumes for professional shows to cards and invitations. If you would like her to design your wedding cake, invitations and even wedding dress, just let us know. She can even do a painting for your special event for a one-of-a-kind memento. To see some of her work, go to Gena's art page!

5. I will be starting Mara Mari”s Everything Blog, linked to Center Ring Cakes Website. Why everything? Well, because I am known just as much for my cooking as I am for baking. I was even a licensed personal chef for a while, in between tours. I was a caterer and party planner for a resort in Fort Lauderdale for a couple of winters and when I would come back from a tour they would call to see if I could come back but I was too busy working other things by then. I will be giving cooking advise from recipes, techniques like knife skills, etc., and party ideas for kid's or adult parties. I may even do some baking tutorials for those of you who think making a batch of cupcakes is beyond your reach. I will be encouraging you to participate with your own ideas and recipes, too. Many of my celebrity friends will guest host columns, although they don't know this, yet. Stay tuned for an ever-changing blog as you never know what I will come up with, (neither do I!)

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  • About my cakes

    Mara's has put together a "Top 5 List" of things you should know about her cakes...

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